This is How We Do

So it’s been awhile. Work has been crazy busy but beyond fun. Like this…

But first, we had to take a team selfie at a work photo shoot:

10436351_616998479320_2270605078356287059_nAnd following that busy day, Jess and I had awesome plans later in the week that included: #friendshiplipcolor, #friendshiphotpinkwigs and #friendshipfakeeyelashes. Cause, when you are going to see Katy Perry in concert and you’ve been insane busy, a girl’s just gotta let loose right?


We stopped at East 4th for pre-concert dinner and cocktails, ran into new friends, made new friends and laughed the night away.

This city. Pure happiness.

This city. Pure happiness.


Oh hey Katy!

Oh hey Katy!

What’s been your favorite summer concert? So far, I think it’s all Katy for me.

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A Night Out with the CLE Chefs

I went back and forth about going to this year’s Chef’s Gala for the Northeast Ohio Autism Foundation. But once I saw the list of chefs, I knew I had to go. Essentially every chef in Cleveland was there, including Chef Anna from Anna in the Raw, Chef Hodge, Chef Fabio, Chef Sawyer and Chef Rocco to name a few. The Cleveland Art Museum was decked out in blue for Autism and the gorgeous atrium was lined with the chefs.

Love this space

Love this space

A few favorites: Chef Anna, Amelia and Chef Sawyer, Stephanie and Chef Hodge

A few favorites: Chef Anna, Amelia and Chef Sawyer, Stephanie and Chef Hodge

The headliners? My favorite, Chef Symon and his co-host from The Chew, Mario Batali! I’ve been planning and hoping to go to NYC again this Fall in order to visit The Chew so this was almost like a mini version of that.



Each chef offered up a small plate, while Symon and Batali created an interactive dinner. Let’s just say this, if I had a couple thousand dollars to drop, I would have paid to be on stage and having the two of them cook for me.

My favorite!

My favorite!

Post-event, the party continued at Trentina with Chef and Amelia Sawyer. Bottles were popping, stories were being told and lots of laughs were happening. Needless to say it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday night. And I know my friends were loving the text messages I was sending their way.

Who’s your favorite Cleveland Chef?

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And He’s Home

No one should be surprised that last Friday I left a little bit early and headed down to Akron. For a couple reasons: 1. to hang out with my friend Cherise 2. to go to Swenson’s for the first time and 3. to welcome LeBron home. Cherise and I had no idea what to expect going into the event. We heard there was going to be a celebration for LeBron’s “kids” that are a part of his foundation, but that’s all we were prepared for.

Akron & Cleveland representing

Akron & Cleveland representing

We managed to get awesome seats and after waiting about an hour, LeBron’s “kids” were finally at sitting down and the actual program began. There were a number of people throughout LeBron’s career and life who were on hand to welcome the King back to Akron/Cleveland, including Coach Dru, Austin Carr and kids from his Boys and Girls Club.

My favorite moment? When Skylar Grey was announced and came on stage to sing her hit song “Coming Home”. It was night at that point, everyone had their cell phones out and sang along. When LeBron and his family came out, you could fill the appreciation of Akron and Cleveland in the air. I literally had chills.

Listening to how excited LeBron was and hear him saying things like “I’m home” and “I’m doing this for my city and state and to make them happy”, I mean, as a Cleveland fan, it was the best moment I’ve had in awhile with one of our athletes.

(LeBron image c/o

(LeBron image c/o

And now, the countdown to the first Cavs game!

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All About That Bass

Oh yes, that’s right. New dance party song:

I mean, seriously, how do you not sing and dance along to this one?

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Behind the Laughter

You just never know what someone may be struggling with.


You brought characters that were a part of my childhood to life. You gave me and the rest of the world laughter and tears.

May you rest in peace. 

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Saying No

I’m really bad at saying no. It’s how I get into situations liking chairing multiple events in one week or joining a million committees or attending too many events in one week. So in the month of August, I’m working at saying no. (Mostly to also save money as my social life has caused a hit on my bank account as of late.)


So in August, the final things are on my calendar and will stay on my calendar:

1. The LeBron James Homecoming Celebration in Akron (also known as Cherise and Charlene hang out in the AK-Rowdy)

2. Possibly (Hopefully, more than likely) The Autism Event featuring all of my favorite chefs in town.

3. Katy Perry in Concert with one of my besties.

4. The Feast and a friend’s open house.

And that’s it. Beside AAF commitments and various work outings (like the Tribe game on Tuesday). How do you say no? Am I the only one that struggles with that?

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Lessons Learned

This is a lesson I’m learning this year…not letting people be reckless with my heart.


What lesson are you learning so far in 2014?

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Slow Down

Seriously, summer 2014…can you just slow down? It feels like this summer has been jam packed – not that it’s a bad thing! From Taste of Tremont to lovely weekend with girl friends, I love how the weekends have each been better than the weekend before.


Clearly the work weeks have been jam packed too mostly with the past week including the AAF CLE Olympics. My employer participated this year and our team had a blast with the social media challenges, trivia contests, volleyball and more. I love being a member of AAF and this past week I was also nominated to be a full time Director and a VP! Ek! I’m so excited to continue to be involved with this group and am looking forward to the next few years of taking on new roles!


This week was also Jess’ birthday which meant birthday drinks, shopping, supporting #TeamGianna and enjoying a night in Tremont out with girl friends. This girl…I can’t even explain our friendship and how important it is to me in just a couple sentences. Love you Jess!


Who else has had some fun filled weekends in CLE this summer? And we still have August!

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Coming Home

Last week’s was one of the most fun week’s in Cleveland that I can remember – for the city as a whole. I kept telling myself not to get excited or get my hopes up about LeBron James but at some point, I was totally wrapped up and couldn’t get enough. Every rumor, every tweet, every rumor overheard on sports radio…I was addicted (and when Z posted a picture of him and LeBron on Facebook…just stop). Remember, I’m a girl addicted to CLE sports and was known to drop quite the pretty penny on playoff tickets. My poor coworkers couldn’t stop laughing. I got my hopes up with each rumor….I checked LeBron’s website at least 30 times Wednesday night…then delayed a meeting when I thought the announcement was coming at 3:30 (cause, hellooooo? that’d be the best marketing stunt ever). So there should be no surprise at all that I was in a lunch meeting when the announcement actually came out.

And I cried at it.

There’s something about Northeast Ohioians and LeBron’s letter just proved it. Yes, I know he’s from Akron and not Cleveland but listen – we’re all the same. Yes, I was angry when he left (pretty sure I cried then too). But we forgive and we move on (which you could tell from the tweets from Clevelanders in anticipation of the possibility). Especially with a letter like LeBron’s. He gets it. He knows what it meant for Clevelanders to lose him (more about how we lost him though). And he knows what it means for him to come home.

Friday – the city was alive in a way I haven’t experienced. We were still high on the joy of finding out the RNC is coming to Cleveland. The Indians are winning. And LeBron is coming home. I don’t know what it’s like to have one of our teams win a championship but it sure is feeling like we did these days.

Other cities are recognizing us. We’re being featured on National News.

But here’s the thing – many Cleveland – well, we already know how awesome this city is. We know what the people here are like. Like LeBron said, we’re hardworking. We’re dedicated. We don’t give up. We never lose hope. And we care. The country is finally seeing that and I couldn’t be more proud to be in the city.

Cleveland get ready. This is just the beginning for our city. And it’s going to be fun.

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July Fun

How’s it seriously already the middle of July? This summer is going way too quickly but has been jam packed with fun with some fantastic friends.

One of my favorite traditions is spending 4th of July with my best friend and her family. We laugh for hours, drink beers, play with the kids and end the night watching fireworks together. My friendship with Shaunte is one of the easiest friendships around and the same goes for her family. We spend hours laughing together (literally with tears rolling down our faces) and then can have some of the deepest conversations.


Summer weekends also mean baseball and on a Friday when the King announced he was returning (there will be a separate blog post about all of that), Jen and I needed to celebrate. There’s no better place to spend a Friday night in CLE than at the Jake (or Progressive).


From there it was off for a fun Saturday with great friends, after visiting my friend Kevin at the Cleveland Flea. We laughed at Luau on the Lake then headed to Lago to celebrate their first year anniversary. Nothing like an evening of laughs to deal with a rough day or two.


And that all continued on Sunday when my friend Jessica through a lovely afternoon shower/get together for our friend Amy. Jess, Amy and I have known each other since high school when we rocked velvet and satin black dresses in Singers so it was fantastic to get together with other women, chat, catch up, laugh and share stories. Totally needed.


Anyone else feel like summer weekends are just flying by?

Disclaimer: The Indians are a client for work, however, Jen invited me to join her in the Social Suite. Luau on the Lake is a fundraiser for Shoes and Clothes for Kids. In exchange for blogging, they gave me two VIP tickets. All opinions are my own. 

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