Coming Home

Last week’s was one of the most fun week’s in Cleveland that I can remember – for the city as a whole. I kept telling myself not to get excited or get my hopes up about LeBron James but at some point, I was totally wrapped up and couldn’t get enough. Every rumor, every tweet, every rumor overheard on sports radio…I was addicted (and when Z posted a picture of him and LeBron on Facebook…just stop). Remember, I’m a girl addicted to CLE sports and was known to drop quite the pretty penny on playoff tickets. My poor coworkers couldn’t stop laughing. I got my hopes up with each rumor….I checked LeBron’s website at least 30 times Wednesday night…then delayed a meeting when I thought the announcement was coming at 3:30 (cause, hellooooo? that’d be the best marketing stunt ever). So there should be no surprise at all that I was in a lunch meeting when the announcement actually came out.

And I cried at it.

There’s something about Northeast Ohioians and LeBron’s letter just proved it. Yes, I know he’s from Akron and not Cleveland but listen – we’re all the same. Yes, I was angry when he left (pretty sure I cried then too). But we forgive and we move on (which you could tell from the tweets from Clevelanders in anticipation of the possibility). Especially with a letter like LeBron’s. He gets it. He knows what it meant for Clevelanders to lose him (more about how we lost him though). And he knows what it means for him to come home.

Friday – the city was alive in a way I haven’t experienced. We were still high on the joy of finding out the RNC is coming to Cleveland. The Indians are winning. And LeBron is coming home. I don’t know what it’s like to have one of our teams win a championship but it sure is feeling like we did these days.

Other cities are recognizing us. We’re being featured on National News.

But here’s the thing – many Cleveland – well, we already know how awesome this city is. We know what the people here are like. Like LeBron said, we’re hardworking. We’re dedicated. We don’t give up. We never lose hope. And we care. The country is finally seeing that and I couldn’t be more proud to be in the city.

Cleveland get ready. This is just the beginning for our city. And it’s going to be fun.

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July Fun

How’s it seriously already the middle of July? This summer is going way too quickly but has been jam packed with fun with some fantastic friends.

One of my favorite traditions is spending 4th of July with my best friend and her family. We laugh for hours, drink beers, play with the kids and end the night watching fireworks together. My friendship with Shaunte is one of the easiest friendships around and the same goes for her family. We spend hours laughing together (literally with tears rolling down our faces) and then can have some of the deepest conversations.


Summer weekends also mean baseball and on a Friday when the King announced he was returning (there will be a separate blog post about all of that), Jen and I needed to celebrate. There’s no better place to spend a Friday night in CLE than at the Jake (or Progressive).


From there it was off for a fun Saturday with great friends, after visiting my friend Kevin at the Cleveland Flea. We laughed at Luau on the Lake then headed to Lago to celebrate their first year anniversary. Nothing like an evening of laughs to deal with a rough day or two.


And that all continued on Sunday when my friend Jessica through a lovely afternoon shower/get together for our friend Amy. Jess, Amy and I have known each other since high school when we rocked velvet and satin black dresses in Singers so it was fantastic to get together with other women, chat, catch up, laugh and share stories. Totally needed.


Anyone else feel like summer weekends are just flying by?

Disclaimer: The Indians are a client for work, however, Jen invited me to join her in the Social Suite. Luau on the Lake is a fundraiser for Shoes and Clothes for Kids. In exchange for blogging, they gave me two VIP tickets. All opinions are my own. 

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Am I in Cleveland?

I’m pretty sure I asked that question multiple times to Kimberly as we sat and had a lovely multi-course meal at Chef Sawyer’s Trentina Family and Friends dinner. I don’t want to spoil the surprise about all of the amazing food that you can get when you go to Trentina so pictures will be limited here but the experience is unlike any other in the city. Kimberly and I were able to eat at some of the most amazing food and experience a location unlike any other, including our experiences in New York City.


From the moment you walk in the door, you know you are going to experience something special. From the details like the MOCA Chandelier to the painting of the woman that represents Trentina to the small details like the wine glasses and flowers, you can feel the love and passion Team Sawyer put into the space. (And let’s not even talk about the fabulous bathrooms.)



The food is unique in the sense that it’s a Menu Bianco (tasting menu). The two guests each get a coursed out meal that is different but allows you the ability to share. I will say this…Kimberly and I did not share with one another. The best part – we’ve already discussed going back so we could try what the other had. The approximately 2 hour meal was paced perfectly and allowed Chef Sawyer to come out and mingle with guests, sharing about the dish as it was brought out.




When Chef spoke about the dishes, you could see the excitement and passion in his eyes and it was….special. That’s really the only word I can use. Everything about this little space in University Circle is special and a great reminder of how lucky we are to have Team Sawyer in Cleveland.

Cheers Chef and Amelia on a space that truly represents all you are as people, Clevelanders, friends and family!

Note: Trentina opens today! Call for a reservation or visit the Trentina website!

Disclosure: I was invited to the Friends and Family preview of Trentina. All opinions are my own. 

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Girl Chat, Bubbles and Dancing

Sometimes you just need a week filled with catching up with great girlfriends (oh and JK too).

My friend Jess and I went to HS together and somehow our lives weaved back together and now her hubby and I are coworkers (which is so much fun). And that also gives us the opportunity for the hubby to take the boys and Jess and I to head to happy hour. We may have created an agenda to review over gin and then wine and some bites at Crop. And we may have stayed there for 5 hours until they dimmed the lights and turned the music off. Oops….

Of course Jess did my makeup for my work photos....

Of course Jess did my makeup for my work photos….

Smoked Lemonade. Dangerous.

Smoked Lemonade. Dangerous.

Thursday, for the NBA draft, while I was coming off of a killer caffeine hangover (I wish I were kidding) JK, Reshae and I headed to Rocky River for beers, drinks and some delicious food. We chatted boys (aka JK gave me boy advice), cheered on the Cavs and caught up on life.

Friday, Kimberly and I were both excited to be heading to Grapes and Ale for Our Lady of the Wayside at Progressive Field. After a quick change, we headed downtown for VIP, enjoying the view at Progressive Field, we wandered around the concourse tasting yummy food and delicious wines. We stuck with prosecco mostly and enjoyed a night of bubbles. Post-event, we sat on the patio of Lolita in Tremont, enjoyed some small bites and chatted about life. Just a relaxing, fun filled night after a crazy week.


We love Bethenny. Duh.

We love Bethenny. Duh.

Saturday, my best friend Shaunte and I had a night out planned for approximately six months. Dinner at Fahrenheit gave us the perfect chance to just chat and catch up on life…work, her kids, boys, just life in general. A shot from Rocco and we were on our way to dance the night away at Bruno Mars. We danced, we laughed, we had drinks and we cried. All in all, a needed night out with a friend.


This is what happens when Shaunte is in the city...someone hates city drivers.

This is what happens when Shaunte is in the city…someone hates city drivers.

What were you up to in CLE this weekend?

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An empowering message from a tampon brand? Who would think that’s going to happen, right? But I love this new campaign that Always launched this week.

Another campaign I’m totally loving? #SorryNotSorry
It’s amazing how many times I am thinking through that I say “sorry”. Anyone else?

Instead of #LikeAGirl, how about #LikeABoss?


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A Luau Winner

Phew what a week….lots to catch up on but first and foremost our Luau on the Lake Winner:
Screen shot 2014-06-28 at 1.35.18 PM Screen shot 2014-06-28 at 1.35.24 PM





Congrats Melissa! Shoot me an email at lifeinthecle at gmail for details! Thanks to all who entered – tickets are still available!

Since this week has been insane, how about just a little dance party in preparation for Bruno Mars tonight:



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Sweet Sweet Summertime

Summer is officially here and looking at my calendar, it looks like every week is pretty jam packed which I love (including the upcoming Luau on the Lake - did you enter for tickets? Today is the last day!)

Look who we ran into and got to hang out with (until Mark's bedtime)

Look who we ran into and got to hang out with (until Mark’s bedtime)

This weekend was the start of the fun – first with the O.A.R. concert with Monina and Amara. It was more or less a last minute plan but was the perfect summer Friday night, despite some raindrops. I’ve been an O.A.R. fan since I was 19 and I’ve seen them more times than I can count. Somehow they have just gotten better and better – both in their lyrics and their sound. We danced to Phillip Phillips, laughed with friends and then sang and danced to O.A.R. for two straight hours.


He won me over.

He won me over.


Yes, we were right in front. Hi Marc!

Yes, we were right in front. Hi Marc!

Saturday was the annual Summer Solstice party at the Cleveland Art Museum. As I’ve noted before, it’s one of my favorite ways to kick off summer and this year we weren’t sweating from the heat which was awesome. As usual, I wore Yellowcake Shop (my fave go-to). Stacey and I went around 8pm, enjoyed some awesome people watching (lots of red pants on men this year and checkered shirts), music, catching up with friends and drinks. I love a good party and a party at the Art Museum is even better.


Early in the evening


My city is cooler than yours.

My city is cooler than yours.

Sunday, usual brunch crowd went to SOHO for lots of catching up, advice giving and girl talk. Of course both Jen and I walked away with sunburns. Dang it.


How did you celebrate the summer solstice and kick off of summer in The CLE?

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A Warehouse District Crawl

Up until very recently, I’ve spent a good amount of time in the Warehouse District due to my job. Which meant many lunches and happy hours around the area, but I rarely a dinner. Due to the Dishcrawl event, that all changed last week. Kimberly and I were given the opportunity to sample dishes from three of the local restaurants in the District.

First up was Mallorca…which I had never been to. I’m not going to lie…Kimberly and I had an agenda of items we had to catch up on so getting there early and having a glass of wine was of the upmost importance. From there, we headed to Cleveland Chop which was a regular lunch location of mine. We had some bubbles and two of their signature dinner items before rounding the evening out at D’Vine Wine Bar. Again – one of my favorite happy hour locations but I hadn’t really had much of their food. The desserts were delicious, as was the flight of bubbles we split.

3eab72b1-c193-4092-9443-436abc1f1ff2wallpaperThe fun part of the night is obviously not knowing where you are going or who you will meet throughout the evening. It also gives you the chance to hang out with friends in a setting you wouldn’t normally experience. If you are someone looking for an adventure with food, make sure to follow Dishcrawl CLE and watch for the next event!

Disclaimer: I was invited to the Dishcrawl event and in exchange for promotion and blogging, I was given two media passes. All opinions are my own. 

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She’s a Little Bit Country

Summertime. It just means country music and cowboy boots and cowboy hats and tailgating at Blossom.

Oh Luke, I could just watch you all day and night.

The last two summers Little Big Town has owned it when it comes to summer songs. Day Drinking is pretty much my life.

Oh hey Eric Church.

Continuing with the drinking theme…

And yet another drinking song. Typical country music.

Two bad ass country chicks.


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Crawling through Downtown CLE

Things that you probably already know about me from this blog: I enjoy Downtown CLE, I’m a big fan of great restaurants and I love a great drink. I also really enjoy catching up with Kimberly (and I feel like she enjoys all of the things that I just mentioned to). So you can imagine our excitement for the upcoming Dishcrawl Downtown!


What is Dishcrawl? Well, it’s a fun way to get out and experience a few new Cleveland restaurants. The fun part? We don’t actually know where we are going yet! It’s all a surprise as you venture along from one restaurant to the next. Though I hear they may be tweeting out some clues in the upcoming 48 hours. As someone that usually has problems being spontaneous, (my type-A personality needs a plan) this is a fun way to try out some new spots in town, maybe even trying some dishes I wouldn’t typically order. And it’s only $45! (Tickets available here.)



In light of the upcoming Dishcrawl, I want to know…what three restaurants would you do a Dishcrawl to with a friend from out of town? I would say Lolita (duh…Chef Symon), Fahrenheit and The Greenhouse Tavern (totally know they aren’t in the same “neighborhood” but they are three of my faves and ones that I think anyone from out of town would enjoy).

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend this week’s Dishcrawl CLE as a media guest. In return for my pre and post-event posts, I was given two media passes. All opinions are my own, as always. 

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