Unfinished Business

April brings a few of my favorite things. Spring. Warmer Weather. Driving with my sunroof open. My birthday. And my most favorite? Indians baseball. This season is already turning into a fun one. With a campaign like “Unfinished Business” behind the team, the city is ready to support this team (at least that’s what it feels and sounds like).

I kicked the season off on Friday with the home opener. And did Mother Nature ever play a cruel trick on the city? It was warm for awhile….and then that storm rolled in and it was like it was winter again. Oh well…I still love home opener day.

Jen and I pregaming outside Progressive Field.

Jen and I pregaming outside Progressive Field.

And then the storm rolled in.

And then the storm rolled in.

Saturday brought the social suite. One of my favorite things about the Indians – they embrace social media. And have for years. I’ve loved hanging out in the suite, tweeting, posting pictures and having fun with other social media fans.

Love the baseball cards in the suite hallway.

Love the baseball cards in the suite hallway.

Gotta find a prime location for the twitter handle.

Gotta find a prime location for the twitter handle.

Rockin the GV Artwork in the Social Suite

Rockin the GV Artwork in the Social Suite

And Tuesday brought one more game to kick the season off. This time with Matt while he was in town visiting. As always, great times at Progressive Field.



Who else is ready for this year’s season?

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Today…and Yesterday

The last week or so was filled with some fun nights out with music at Quicken Loans Arena. And my wide range of musical tastes was on full display…from Demi Lovato to Billy Joel. As my friend Erin said, “You are New 102…a mix of yesterday and today.” Yes, I like a lot of music (in fact, as I write this, I’m listening to the American Country Music Awards and loving every second of it).

And you know what I’m going to admit it – that Demi concert was pretty damn good. Yes, we were surrounded by teenagers (and pre-teens) and once we got past the opening acts (that weren’t that fantastic) and the magician who was more or less the emcee for the night, Demi sang her butt off. Some of my favorite moments were the stripped down versions of her songs. But the moment that won me over – when she brought up two little girls on stage to sing “Let It Go” from Frozen. Adorbs.

Judge all you want….we had fun.

Oh Michael....you are so funny.

Oh Michael….you are so funny.

The following week, it was off to Billy Joel and I have to say, it was one of the best concerts I’ve seen at the Q. It definitely is in my top 5 concerts ever. Billy Joel can sing still guys….and really well. And he’s the constant entertainer during his show. I loved how he shared stories of his first albums, his trip to Richfield Stadium and the stories behind his songs. And when he sang “Uptown Girl” during the encore, I was back in HS singing the song with Singers (our select group). And the next day, I had to text my friend Jess to discuss our memories of that song. For two hours, Billy Joel sang his heart out and owned the Cleveland audience. I loved seeing so many age ranges at the concert – shows how classic Billy Joel is. Looking around our section, there were teens to grandparents singing along and dancing along to all of the songs.

Opener Gavin DeGraw

Opener Gavin DeGraw

Billy Joel. Classic. The Entertainer.

Billy Joel. Classic. The Entertainer.


Were you at either concert? Favorite song?

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Now Playing: Nonstop Shakira

I was never a big Shakira fan. Just wasn’t into her music all that much. But then I saw her perform on Jimmy Fallon and I am now obsessed with her latest album. Listen to a few of my current favorites:

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If These Walls Could Only Talk…

This week Playhouse Square announced the new Broadway Series coming to CLE. As you know, it’s one of my favorite events and it’s definitely one of my favorite locations in CLE. One of the videos that was played at the announcement spoke about the memories that are created at Playhouse Square. I think that’s why I’m so connected to the Theater District – the memories. My mom and I started going to plays and musicals at Playhouse Square when I was young and we still go today (next up for us to see is Jersey Boys – one of my mom’s favorites). Those walls in the theaters hold so many memories for so many people. And the upcoming Broadway Series will allow for more memories to be made.

Girls Night Out - Broadway Announcement 2014!

Girls Night Out – Broadway Announcement 2014!


Always great seeing Chris Van Vliet (WOIO Channel 19 and New 102)

Always great seeing Chris Van Vliet (WOIO Channel 19 and New 102)

Gina from Playhouse Square again graced us with her eloquent story telling. (At the media event post-show, a group of four of us all had the opportunity to speak with Gina and when she walked away we all said “I wish I could be Gina.” She’s that fabulous.) Her ability to excite you with just her words – nothing fancy on stage – and tell the story of the next musical she’s going to announce is unlike any other.

The Gina Show

The Gina Show

The first show announced? Motown! We had the pleasure of dancing and singing along with some of the actors in this show as a preview and I can tell you, you will not want to miss this new(er) production. I can already tell it will be like Jersey Boys, with people dancing in their seats and singing along to the classic songs from Motown.


Image c/o Playhouse Square


I think I’m most excited about the second show that Gina described – Disney’s Newsies! I love all things news (I’m such a news junkie that I will watch hours of CNN, MSNBC, etc…). Between the high energy dancing and the catchy songs, this is sure to be a hit for Cleveland fans.

c/o Playhouse Square

c/o Playhouse Square

Yes, the winter has been long. All of us in Cleveland know that. But there’s something about Playhouse Square and the holiday season. It’s absolutely magical. The lights, the decorations, the warmth of the space. If you’ve never made it to Playhouse for a winter event, make sure to mark your calendar for White Christmas this year. A classic, it’s sure to fill the theater with memories of holidays past. (Now, let’s not talk about cold or snow anymore until December.)

6-IBWC Tour 6

Image c/o Playhouse Square


Gina described Pippin as quintessential Broadway and I’d have to agree. The show has been around for more than 40 years and has made it’s way back to the stage – introducing a new audience to the story about a young prince and the tough decisions he has to make. Winner of Best Musical Revival at the 2014 Tony’s, it’s the perfect time to get acquainted with a well known musical.

image c/o Playhouse Square

image c/o Playhouse Square

I’ve had the time of my life…No seriously, tell me you don’t sing that song when you hear the two words: Dirty Dancing. And we in Cleveland are going to have the opportunity to see this new musical before it even hits Broadway! If you are a fan of the movie, like so many of us are, make sure to purchase your season tickets today and guarantee your spot. After all….no one puts Baby in the corner!

image c/o Playhouse Square

image c/o Playhouse Square

Want to see the 2013 Tony Award winner for Best Musical? Well look no further than Euclid Avenue. That’s right, Kinky Boots is coming to town. Inspired by a true story, the music was written by none other than everyone’s favorite 80′s girl – Cyndi Lauper. Lace up your boots and prepare for a night out!

image c/o Playhouse Square

image c/o Playhouse Square

And last is a childhood classic. A fairytale. Possibly one that you read to your kids (or your friend’s children). Cinderella. I’ll admit it – I’m beyond excited for this one. There is something about seeing childhood favorites on stage at Playhouse Square. I always go to see Beauty and the Beast when it’s in town (that was my favorite Disney movie growing up) and there are still so many classic moments that bring you back to a time when life was simpler. Even if you are an adult, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a classic fairytale like Cinderella.

image c/o Playhouse Square

image c/o Playhouse Square

Are you excited yet about what Cleveland has in store in the upcoming season? Then it’s time to join over 29,000 others and purchase your season tickets! Can you believe that number – Cleveland leads the way with season ticket holders. And this is one ticket that never disappoints (I love my CLE sports as much as the next person but….).

What musical are you looking forward to the most this year?

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the Broadway Series Announcement by Playhouse Square as a media guest. All opinions are my own. 

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We Weren’t Listening

What’s Cleveland?



And this is Life in the CLE.

What’s CLE to you? Would love to hear your responses!

Disclaimer: This campaign is led by Positively Cleveland which is a client of the agency I work for. I was not asked to, or required to, blog about the new campaign. But I love it. And I love CLE. 

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Spring. Summer. And Spectrum.

Some days it’s hard to believe here in Cleveland that spring and summer are right around the corner. But with the thought of sun soon shining brightly on our gorgeous city comes the thought of bright colors, new clothes and of course, new sunglasses.


And I’m so excited about the newest addition to the Warby Parker family – The Spectrum Sun Collection! The bright fun colors are making me extremely anxious for the start of a season of sun (I mean, I can’t take another Polar Vortex, snow or rain).



At only $95 each, the Warby Parker collection is not only stylish, but well-priced. For maximum color, Warby Parker outfitted two new, oversized frames – Minnie in Eucalyptus and Hall in Cherry Blossom – with triple-gradient lenses, featuring three colors exclusive to Warby Parker.


I’m obsessed already with the Hall sunglasses in Cherry Blossom and have a feeling that may be my birthday present to myself this year.




When you buy a pair, which you should, Warby Parker sends a pair to someone in need. So you are giving back while treating yourself. The collection was just released today so you can be one of the first to go purchase yourself, a family member or a friend a pair.

What pair are you looking forward to picking up for yourself?

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Uncommon Gifts from Uncommon Goods

I love finding a new place where I can pick up gifts…especially when wedding season is not far away and my friends are having house warming parties and babies left and right. And Uncommon Goods is just the place where I can find some of these types of gifts.


So what is Uncommon Goods? Well simply put, it’s a site where artists and designers can sell their unique – or uncommon – goods. The handcrafted gifts are completely unlike what you will find elsewhere, which makes it the perfect place to find that special present for a friend, significant other, parent or well, yourself. I’ve been eyeing some new glassware for my bar, as well as some cool gifts for upcoming birthdays.

The part I love about Uncommon Goods is that the majority of the projects they curate and carry are created in the USA and often can incorporate recycled or upcycled materials. It’s always great to find a company that supports creativity, the environment and artists.

I selected the Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses from the site and have already heard from friends that they love them when they come over. Not only are they stylish, but they also make your wine taste better – and who doesn’t love that. Check them out here.


The other cool piece of this Uncommon puzzle – The Better to Give program. With every purchase made, Uncommon Goods gives $1 to the selected charity of your choice. In 12 short years, they have raised over $700,000 for some awesome nonprofits. So you shop and give back all in the one click!


Disclosure: Uncommon Goods requested that I review their site and get the word out about this awesome online shop. In return, they provided me with a gift of my choice. 

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Let It Go

Why can I not get this song out of my head? I hear it on Jen and Tim in the morning and the rest of the day it doesn’t leave my head. I was legit singing it while reading a report this morning.

Someone send help.


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Pulling It All Together

It’s been a few weeks but I wanted to share with you how I went about deciding on my look for Jump Back.

To start – the dress. I have wanted to try Rent the Runway for a year or so now and never actually found the right occasion. I couldn’t think of anything better than using it for Jump Back Ball – especially with the James Bond theme this year. Being the type A personality that I am, I did order a backup dress (which I loved too and ended up keeping), but didn’t need it. The Badgley Mischka that I ordered fit perfectly. Plus it was a lower rental price than I originally expected it to be – another score. The style girls from Rent the Runway were awesome to work with, ensuring me that the length of the dress would work with my 4-inch heels that I had purchased (I had a backup pair of shoes too that were 5-inches and I’m pretty sure I would have broken an ankle in).


In preparation for Jump Back Ball 23, I had a few appointments scheduled at Charles Scott Salon. As you know, they’ve become my go-to and I love heading there for a night (or day) of relaxing.

To start off, I visited Michelle for a calming facial. I scheduled this a week before Jump Back Ball knowing what an insane two weeks I had coming up (including the ADDY Awards). She was wonderful, explaining exactly what the calming facial would do. Luckily, I don’t really struggle with any skin issues. But I was looking for relaxing and a little bit of a glow in prep for the ADDYs and Jump Back Ball. Michelle was able to do just that. I walked away feeling amazing and totally relaxed (despite some nonsense that had been going on that day).

My dear friend Jessica (who was also my date for the evening) is an AMAZING makeup artist so of course, she helped me out with makeup the night of. Can you believe I’ve never worn fake eyelashes before? I may be addicted now.


Of course, I had to schedule some time with my stylist Tina too. I cannot speak highly enough about how she’s been able to help with saving my hair (for lack of a better description). Despite all of the color, she’s helping to keep my ends healthy and my hair shiny (all while working back to blonde…or maybe a shade of red if Tina has her way!). She also talked me into some new bangs which I’m a huge fan of. For JBB, Tina used this picture as an inspiration and helped to give me a fun “up do” for the night. And my hair didn’t move (but didn’t feel weighted down either by hairspray or products). Another win!

image c/o Smitten in CLE: http://smittenincle.blogspot.com/

image c/o Smitten in CLE: http://smittenincle.blogspot.com/

While it was a crazy few weeks at the end of the month….I gotta say, it was all worth it for some great memories with some great friends.

Disclaimer: I’m an ambassador for Charles Scott Salon but would only go there if I loved their services…which I do. I also was a blogger for Jump Back Ball 23. 

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Now Playing: Louder

Addicted to the new Lea Michele album. Judge away. And this has become one of my favorites:

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